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Q4 Slot - Sprinter 170 4x4

An unclaimed van has appeared! This van is purchased and we are searching for it's perfect customer. Is it you?

Van Type:
2022 Sprinter 170
Build Date:
2022, In shop Q3

We bought a van and now we need to find a good home for it. Typically we are a "BYOV" kind of company, but with the competitiveness of getting base vans to build on, we decided to get a head start for the 2022 season.

This van is a blank slate, but it has all the best options from the factory that you would want in build. You can contact us for more information to talk about build options and color.

Nothing has been decided on the build out at this point. The van could either go full custom or semi-custom if you like any of our layouts.

Reach out and chat if you have any questions.

Power in Numbers


Battery Ah


Watts of Solar


Gallons of Fresh Water

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