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Welcome to NoWhere

Where custom adventure vans make rad road trips a reality.

What We Do

Vans. And more vans.
You get the idea.

It’s probably obvious by now, but yea, we do vans. Incredibly well crafted, precisely designed custom adventure vans made in the Midwest with a beautiful blend of engineering, artistry and functionality.


Why We Do It

We take shortcuts on dirt roads - not van builds

We started building vans for one reason: After designing and building their own vans, our founders realized super quick (like setting a new PR quick) that many “professionally built” vans available missed the mark when it came to consistent quality and performance.

With decades of engineering and design experience, they set out to craft custom adventure vans that were rugged, refined and reliable. From electrical systems that serve as the nerve center of every van to trip-tested components, we build vans that will never let you down – unlike that roadside tourist trap featuring the world’s largest ant.

From vans.
To buses.
And back.

It all started in a van … down by the river. Well, something like that. It was more like down by rivers, mountains, deserts and more during a four-year van adventure founder Steve Meives took before heading to NoWhere.

Seeing a lack of quality, he knew he could design and build a better van that was as reliable as it was livable. After building a custom adventure bus – yes, a bus – he connected with fellow engineer, long-time friend, and aspiring van man, Mike Deau.


Together, they launched NoWhere Vans and have been on a one-way trip with no return ticket ever since.

Whether it’s for a Hollywood star or fitness-focused family, they continue to build vans with an intense focus on delivering meticulously crafted and thoughtfully built adventure vans in their Elkhorn, Wisconsin shop.


"While looking for a van builder to create our dream van, we found NoWhere Vans and were immediately impressed with the quality of their work.

We really appreciated how Steve and Mike took the time to understand our specific needs and design the van around how we would be using it. We had a lot of questions and detailed requests, and they were able to help us navigate the maze of options and products to design and build a van that is everything we wanted!

We love our van and how it enables us to create lifelong memories exploring the country. We highly recommend NoWhere Vans."

- The Schwabs

Our Pilot & Co-pilot for this Trip to NoWhere

If it can go in a van, they’ve thought about it … and probably built it.


Steve Meives

Our co-founder and chief engineer, Steve has nearly two decades of experience, with a focus on mechanical systems, layouts, cabinetry design and an obsession with ensuring every van they build is as functional in the real world as it is cool on paper. 


After building his own van and heading on a four-year solo adventure, he developed a strong appreciation for how critical it was to have a well-built van that could navigate the extremes of life on the road. Some say it was a vision. Others say it was practical engineer thinking. Whatever it was, Steve saw a need and set his GPS to NoWhere. 


Mike Deau

Mike is the mastermind behind the design of our electrical systems, known for their reliability and thoughtful development that’s essential to building a top-tier adventure van. As our co-founder, Mike oversees operations, which ranges from marketing and customer onboarding to shop management. 


An avid racer – he regularly competes in triathlons, marathons and bike races – Mike fell in love with adventure vans because of the freedom they bring to traveling and how much they improve each race experience. There’s no need to pay for hotels, set up tents, worry about where you’re going to go the bathroom (seriously, this is a very real thing when on the road) or how you’ll cook your meals in a remote setting.  Mike has nearly 15 years of experience and puts as much attention into making customers happy as he does his van builds. 

Send a Note to NoWhere

If they come, we’ll build it … or something like that.

Check out our availability for new van builds. Not sure what’s best for you? Give us a holler.

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