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Electrical Systems

Electrical systems are the most challenging portion of your home on wheels. If you're not happy with your current system or looking for help with your own custom build, NoWhere Vans specializes in custom electrical systems to fit your use. We service campervans, RVs and tow-behind trailers.  



Electrical systems in a box

Drop in, high powered electrical systems. Want to go boondocking with a powerful pre-built system? NWV make's it easy to integrate top notch pre-engineered products into your application.  Available in a variety of configurations, check here to find the best value in the industry. 


Semi-custom packages

From basics to boondock we have developed 3 standard packages to get you going.  Starting with simple solar systems and going up to 800 Ah beasts.  The parts are all the same, now we just have to fit them into your custom application.

20220513_222202 (1).jpg


Crazy Custom

Fine. Nothing pre-defined fits what you are looking for.  You are in the right place if you have a house boat, industry vehicle or something crazy.  We can build systems with up to 25 kWh of battery and multiple inverters to replace gen sets.  


Install @ Elkhorn

NoWhere Vans offers install at our facility in Elkhorn, WI.  

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