Van in the middle of NoWhere

100% off grid vans engineered with no compromises.  Live, work and play where you want, when you want.

Ways to NoWhere Van

Semi-Custom vs Full Custom

NWV Semi-Custom Build

The Semi-Custom is our tech your way on a proven platform.  By setting the standard, we lower design time and building costs, this means you get a no-compromise van with lower cost and build time. 


What you pick

  • Colors and Fabric

  • Detail Work and Finishes 

  • Technology Level

  • Garage Fixings


Average Build Price: $90,000

Range: $80,000 - $160,000

*Build price excludes base van cost

NWV Unlimited

Full Custom Build

You've watched hundreds of build videos, scrolled though vans on Instagram till your fingers hurt, and you're ready to pack all the best features into your dream van. Now you just need someone to make it happen. Hi, nice to meet you. We work with you to figure out your exact needs and engineer your perfect van. This is your layout, your style, your crazy idea that hasn't been done yet. Nothing is too much. 


The Custom Process:

  1. Quick Intro Chat

  2. Sketches and Layout Presentation 

  3. 3D Render and Final Price 

  4. Deposit Required to Book a Slot


Average Build Price: $115,000

Range: $60,000 - $315,000

*Build price excludes base van cost

To get a rough idea on price, add 20% to the Semi-Custom build that matches the closest.